Imagine this: you get up one morning after a wonderful nights sleep. Imagine that you wake with a zest to start working on your backyard, to prune some trees that you have been needing to prune for a while. You go out your back door to begin on your Apple tree first. Imagine this is what you find:

This was no rhetorical exercise! We received a call from some distressed customers on Wednesday. We got out there early the next morning and treated. Needless to say, the customers were happy to have their Apple tree back.

In the late summer or early fall, these hornets nest in the Boise area can reach big sizes; up to a basketball size! If you encounter one of business, don’t attempt it alone! Contact a reputable pest control company that can take care of your problem safely and quickly. We are always happy to help, give us a call! Barrier pest-control stands at the ready!