Here at Barrier we are often fascinated and intrigued by huge hornets nest that we find in late summer and early fall. Here is a picture of a huge hornets nest I found near the front entry of a home in Austin Creek subdivision in Meridian Idaho. 

Though beautiful and intriguing, these hornet nests can be a major liability for homeowners. Visiting family members, door-to-door sales people, or neighbor kids might inadvertently arouse the anger of these hornets for a potentially injurious or maybe fatal event.

Hornets and Yellowjackets are common to the Boise area. Each year, in the spring, overwintering queens begin their papier-mâché likeness. They start laying eggs, and by late summer or early fall numbers could be in the hundreds.

Over the years, Barrier pest-control has taken care of hundreds or even thousands of these insects. If you have any questions or concerns, or we can help, give us a call at 463-4533!