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The only visitors I want in my home this holiday are those bringing the sweet smells of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce and that oh so delicious pumpkin pie, NOT the Spiders and small critters that are trying to take shelter for the winter and steal a bite of my scrumptious Feast!

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed an abundance of mice, spiders and other creepy crawlies trying to get into my home this early winter, and I know for sure that they aren’t paying rent!
Just like you and I they want to stay somewhere warm and cozy when it gets so cold out. We all know that Idaho weather tends to have its ups and downs. It could be cold and windy in the morning and bright and sunny in the afternoon. Think that super warm sweater and snow boots were a good idea to wear that chilly morning? Think again, now it’s 70 and sunny and you are desperately turning on the AC!

Mice especially love to stay warm in the winter, and what better place than in your house! Easy access to food, as well as warmth and protection from big predators that might be on the lookout for tasty little mouse treats to dip in their cocoa this Christmas.

At Barrier, mice are not our friends. As cute as they may be, they can cause a lot of issues for us people just trying to live our lives, peacefully and pest free!

Here are some good ways to make sure you don’t have any extra visitors around the Christmas tree.

  1. Keep all vegetation well trimmed and at least 1 foot away from the home. Rodents are prey animals, they are afraid of crossing open spaces and will avoid locations where open spaces abound.
  2. Avoid dropping & leaving food particles on the floor, that includes you Santa, don’t be dropping any crumbs this year from all those cookies hidden in your beard!
  3. Close all cracks in the foundation, and install screens on doors and windows. Make sure that they are all properly sealed.
  4. Decrease clutter indoors: I know we all have a lot of boxes, wrappers, and stuffing laying around from only leaving the house 2 times a week max, but those make perfect hiding spaces and cushioning for small mouse and spider families.
  5. Clear out debris from around the home including woodpiles, and construction materials. They should be as far away from the home as possible.
  6. Most importantly, Maintain proper sanitary conditions in and around the home. No one loves a dirty, unkept home more than my spidey and mouse friends!

2020 has surely been a whirlwind for all of us!

First we had Covid, then Murder Hornets, a stock market crash, deadly fires ranging from California to Washington and too many more things to count! I think that it’s about time that we give thanks to some of the good things that happened this year!

I’m grateful for Quarterly Pest Control Protection and no mousey friends to share my leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich with…

What are you grateful for?

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