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Halloween Fun

image of cartoon spider

“Five little spiders sitting by the door.
Barrier Pest Control came, and then there were four.

Four little spiders dangling wild and free.
One landed on the treated area, and then there were three.

Three little spiders playing around a shoe.
One got squished, then there were two.

Two little spiders thought they ought to run!
One didn’t feel so well, and then there was one.

One little spider left there all alone…
Barrier is so awesome, that now there are none!”

Halloween is a fun time for children and adults alike. Whether you love the candy treats, the decorations, the spooky haunted houses or the costumes, it provides a little bit of fun for everyone of all ages!

But what if your decorations are too real? Do your spiders actually move, and are the webs up all year round? If so, it’s enough to scare even the bravest ghosts and goblins! Spiders aren’t biased creatures. They don’t mind if your home is the cleanest or the messiest. It can be a new home or an older home. They will find cracks and crevices to sneak in no matter the build or condition of your home.

Of course you can help eliminate some easy access areas. Obvious entry points like gaps under the garage doors, keeping pet doors sealed tight when not in use. Perhaps your cat climbs the screens on the windows, ugh!, and leaves little access openings in the screens. Do you have a wood burning stove? Spiders are awesome at stowing away in the bark of split firewood as you carry it in and stack it neatly by the fireplace. Then, once they warm up and get all toasty, they climb out to explore the wonders of your cozy home.

Spiders are an inevitable pest in this big old world that we live in. I adore seeing the big fuzzy spider decorations adorned on the sides of houses, even the animated ones that jump out at you as you scramble through the haunted house. After all, I enjoy a good scare as much as the next person, even if I scream like a little girl and may loose all gross motor control!

If you’d like to avoid spontaneously punching your family members when a spider drops down in front of you from the ceiling, I suggest you contact Barrier Pest Control. We’ve helped families all over the Boise and Treasure Valley area for over 15 years. Call today!

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