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“Goodnight, Sleep Tight, and Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!”

Bedbug on bed


That phrase sends chills down the spines of most and will affect the rest after reading this blog! So, what are bedbugs? They are small, parasitic insects that prefer to live on a mattress, box springs, and other furniture. Bedbugs don’t fly, but they can crawl very fast. These pests are the size of an apple seed and survive off of blood from a warm, living host.

One of the best signs that you have bedbugs living in your home and using you to feed their families is being able to identify them. Turn off the lights in your room—bedbugs like the dark and come out at night. Examine the seams and edges of your mattress with a bright flashlight; these are the most common places to find them.

The five signs of bedbugs in Idaho are as follows:

  • A sweet smell – If you have a bedbug infestation, you will likely crush them in your sleep!
  • Bites on your body – Bedbugs tend to bite in a trail or straight line.
  • Red stains on your mattress.
  • Bedbug eggs or exoskeletons.
  • Bedbug feces.

Bedbugs thrive where food is always available and temperatures stay between 65F and 85F. Our bedrooms provide a utopian environment. Some bedbugs only prefer one side or part of the bed over another. The warmth of our bodies and the CO2 we exhale while sleeping attracts bedbugs. Did you know that bedbugs can have a specific preference for blood type but will feed on any type available? So every person in your home has the chance of being the next meal for your guests. Human blood is their primary energy source.

Now that we understand humans are the filet mignon in the bedbug community, how are they spread? Bedbugs are much more common than we think and don’t invade our homes because we are filthy. They are easily transferred and can be removed with the help of a professional, experienced pest control company. Many ask how they transfer from place to place and cause such awful infestations. The most common way they are spread is by attaching themselves to clothing or luggage that moves from one place to another. Please remember that just having bedbugs doesn’t mean you are dirty. It proves that you somehow came in contact with an infected area. The three most common ways that bedbugs are transferred are as follows:

  • Traveling
  • Buying used furniture
  • Schools and Colleges

Bed bugs live throughout the year but hit their “peak“ in August and September. Because most families have returned from vacations, it is believed that bedbugs can gain a foothold in our homes.
No one wants to have a bedbug infestation. What can we do to help prevent a bedbug infestation in our homes?

  • Clean your home often.
  • Wash your sheets weekly and dry them in a dryer on high heat!
  • Vacuum regularly and keep areas clutter-free
  • *When traveling, check the bottom seems and folds of the bed with a flashlight before sitting or laying on it.
  • Don’t place your suitcases on the furniture or where the wall meets the floor in a hotel room.

Here are a few fun facts about bedbugs that I thought you would enjoy…

  • There are three times more bedbug-infested cities in the North compared with the South!
  • Washington, DC, is ranked number one overall in having the most bedbugs!
  • Idaho ranks 42 out of the 50 states with bedbugs. This is great right now, but Idaho is destined to drop that number because we see an increase in documented infestations and treatments for bedbug issues.

So, if you or someone you know may have a bedbug infestation, do not let embarrassment grow into a much larger problem. Barrier Pest Control has been treating bedbugs in this area for over 18 years. We have the tools and products required to remove these pests from your home and business successfully. The thought of bedbugs makes everyone scream! We hope the only screams you will let out this Halloween will be for the decorations! Give us a call, and we will help you regain control over your home!

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