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Getting Rid of Ants by Getting Rid of the Colony


If you haven’t seen the abundance of ants all over your house already, you may very soon. Ants seem to be the pest of the season! Did you know that ants are social insects? Because of this, they live in large colonies that can consist of millions of ants. No wonder they are considered a nuisance pest! They frequently come in large numbers invading your home and taking over!

You may wonder why ants like to come into your house. The truth is that ants are always looking for food and water and are attracted to anything that is damp or has standing water. Ants are also attracted to sweet and sugary smells and pet food. Because of this, we often see ants in our bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

Unfortunately, ants are not an insect that will just go away on their own. Ants are always on a mission and are usually headed to or from somewhere. It can be difficult to identify the ants entry point but if you are patient and follow the ant trail, they will usually lead you to a crack or gap in the wall or floor. Sealing up these holes can help, but ants are pretty smart and will usually find another way in. The only way to ensure that you get rid of your tiny intruders is to get rid of the colony.

How do you get rid of the colony you ask? Great question! You must kill the Queen. The Queen is the only one in the colony that can reproduce, killing her will cause the colony to dwindle in numbers until there are no ants left. This is not immediate, it takes a little time and due to their high population in the colony sometimes you may not see an immediate difference. Killing the Queen can seem a bit daunting, since she is buried somewhere deep in the colony underground. but with a little persistence, your home will be ant free again! So if you live anywhere in the Treasure Valley or Boise area, and are tired of sharing your home with these tiny invaders give Barrier Pest Control a call!

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