While strolling the streets of Sands Point sub in Nampa, Idaho, I saw something interesting on the siding of the house:

A funnel weaver spider had set up his nest in this corner. Usually they dont stay in view long enough for me to take a good picture but this little cute n’ cuddly fella was kind enough to let me get close. I think he liked the attention. He normally hangs out in the back/middle of the circular hiding spot he/she weaves for himself. While they wait there, an unsuspecting insect or victim will get stuck on the web. Sensing the vibrations on the web, The funnel weaver spider goes and gets his lunch, or dinner, of course depending on what time of day it is.

Regardless of the time of day, if you got a funnel weaver problem give Barrier a call and we will get you protected and safe from these cute and cuddly little spiders in no time!