The other night my daughter pointed out a spider under my countertop.  Neither of us could kill it. Not because we cared for it in any way—but out of self-preservation. We didn’t want to get attacked by that little mouth of death!  I’d much rather have Barrier Pest Control spray the life out of it! I’d say we’re at about a 6 on the Fear of Spiders Scale.

It’s been a while since I saw a spider at my house but now that the days have been warmer those little creepy-crawlies will be making their presence known.  And all those little babies that were growing throughout the winter will be running around like hungry toddlers in a candy store! Here come the phone calls!

We talk with people all the time with some crazy (crazy referring to an amount rather than a state of mind of course) spider fears. One lady apologized for calling as we were closing but had a “life or death situation” on her hands.  She had just seen a spider. Another time I spoke with a soldier who said that spiders scared him much worse than anything in Iraq ever had! On the Fear of Spiders Scale, I’d say they were at a 10. Where are you on the scale? Find out below!

fear of spiders