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Eliminate Bed Bugs Now

Eliminate Bed Bugs Now: The Barrier Pest Control Way

Bed bugs: the mere mention of them sends shivers down the spine of many. But fear not, for we at Barrier Pest Control are here to help you understand these pesky invaders and guide you on how to get rid of them once and for all.

Understanding Bed Bugs

The Real versus the Playful

Remember those fun plastic bed bugs from that childhood game? The ones that would bounce around, evoking laughter and excitement? Ah, memories! Today, however, our focus is on the real ones, not those delightful playthings of yesteryears.

Recognizing The Culprits

Unlike their plastic counterparts, real bed bugs aren’t meant to be part of a fun game. They’re reddish-brown, have a flat appearance, and are reminiscent of apple seeds. Their eggs? Tiny and white, resembling pinheads. Nymphs can be almost translucent, especially if they haven’t had their fill recently. These critters have an unsettling resilience, sometimes surviving for over a year without feeding. It’s this very tenacity that makes them a formidable foe.

Debunking Bed Bug Myths

Every Home is At Risk

The idea that bed bugs only infest dirty homes is a myth. They are indiscriminate travelers. Whether it’s through infested items or from unsuspecting travelers, they find their way in. Even plush establishments, like NYC’s Ritz-Carlton, aren’t spared.

How They Enter

Travel Tales:

Someone might bring bugs or eggs from other infested places on their clothing or luggage.

Infested Items:

Furniture, clothing, or even backpacks could be carriers.

Connective Routes:

They can travel through ducts or false ceilings if neighboring areas are infested.

Wildlife Woes:

Sometimes, bats or birds might be the culprits.

Transit Trials:

They’re also increasingly found during air travel.

While they might feed on pets, these bugs prefer human hosts, ensuring they don’t spread via our furry friends.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

If you’re waking up to unexplained rashes or bites, it’s time to inspect:


Look for rusty or reddish stains on your bed sheets or mattresses.

Dark Spots:

These are bed bug droppings. They might even bleed on the fabric.

Eggshells & Eggs:

Tiny and pale yellow in appearance.

Live Bed Bugs:

The most undeniable sign of all.

They might venture out to sofas, curtains, and even electrical outlets in severe infestations.

Barrier Pest Control to The Rescue

Prevention First

Reducing clutter, vacuuming often, and using protective mattress covers can minimize infestation risks. When staying at hotels, inspect the surroundings, including luggage racks. Always be cautious with second-hand furniture.

Our Professional Touch

If you suspect a bed bug problem, Barrier Pest Control is your trusted partner. Our commitment:

Always Available:

Call during business hours, and we promise to answer. Left a message? Expect a callback the very next morning.

Transparent Service:

No surprise visits or bills. We communicate everything in advance.

Timely and Clean:

Punctuality is our forte, and tidiness our second nature. Expect our technicians to be presentable, respectful of your space, and thorough in their tasks.


Why take a chance with DIY solutions or dubious chemicals when Barrier Pest Control promises results and impeccable service?

Let’s Bid Bed Bugs Goodbye

Bed bugs might be resilient, but with Barrier Pest Control, you have a solution that’s tried, tested, and trusted. Our clients love us not because of a signed contract but because of the results we deliver and how we make them feel. So, why wait? Let’s make your space bed bug-free, the Barrier way!

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