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Earwigs or Eww-wigs?

Earwigs ….ewwwwww!

What comes to mind


when you think about earwigs? If you’re as old as me, that gruesome, disgusting image from Star Trek pops into your mind. You know the one; that nightmare of a clip when the earwigs were burrowing into their ears has forever been burned into my memory bank!

I don’t know exactly what makes me cringe with earwigs. I can tolerate most other insects, but earwigs ( or pincher bugs where I grew up) are my most hated. They always seem to pop up in the most awful of places too! You can shower and grab the shampoo bottle only to find an earwig hiding underneath. Oh, you want to use that soft towel draped over the side of the shower curtain? Surprise! They’re in that too. Coffee cup by the sink, flower pot by the front door, cats’ water dish? They are everywhere you look!

So what’s the common factor in all these places? Moisture! Earwigs love moisture! Damp, rotting wood is their favorite place to call home. But when summer reaches its peak of unbearable heat outside, earwigs will quickly move on in and search out moisture pockets in your home.

Be on the defense!

Take control and eliminate as many of these problem areas as possible. Raised pet dishes are a great solution to earwigs and ants. Eliminating easy access to food and water is extremely helpful! Done with your coffee cup? Place it in the dishwasher and wipe up any drops of water around your sink! Same with the shower or tub. When finishing your cleanliness, tidy up by wiping down the shelves in your shower and tubs to remove excess water build-up and remove towels that create those warm, damp, safe havens.

Outside can be trickier. Since mother nature will share precipitation randomly, we can’t always control when our patios and sidewalks receive moisture. But raising flower pots onto stands, pet water bowls also onto stands, and making sure your sprinklers aren’t hitting along the foundation of the home is a great start to earwig-proofing your home.

Lastly, remove any dead vegetation, and keep grass and bushes trimmed up neatly. Remember, making an area less hospitable for unwanted visitors is a WIN in the long fun for pest control! And always, always have in place a regular Quarterly pest control service.


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