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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

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The saying ‘good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite’ has been traced back to the late 1880’s. Since then, it has developed into a nursery rhyme to teach your children, as if simply saying it was good enough to keep them away. I’ve often wondered why this saying has developed into such a common phrase in our vernacular—it’s really kind of demented—like a horror story. Imagine if someone said the equivalent to you in a sing-song voice: “Sleep well but not too well because little mini vampires will come out while you sleep and suck your blood!” I’m sure you wouldn’t sleep to well either.

Fast forward to now, to good ol’ 2017. I’d like to update this saying to bring it up to the times. How about this: “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.  Please inspect used furniture before bringing it into your home!”  Much better, right?

My most recent bedbug inspection proves my point. A couple called us out to their home in Boise because they thought their daughter had bedbugs in her room. (Side note: Ten years ago, we didn’t take these calls seriously because actual bedbug infestations were very few and very far between. When I say few, I mean almost never! The Boise area in 2017 looks very different. We receive a bedbug inquiry daily. Side note over!) So we met the couple with flashlights in hand and went straight to their daughter’s room. The first thing I inspected was a picture frame hanging above the head of the bed. I noticed a few splotches of discoloration—not a good sign but nothing definite yet. Next I inspected the upholstered headboard. It was light so I picked it up and looked at the backside. Sure enough there were little bunches of bedbugs clustered around the folds and seams of the fabric. What fun! What wasn’t fun was the argument that ensued between husband and wife after we discussed the used bedroom furniture recently purchased from a thrift store.

So my serious advice is: To avoid bedbugs getting between you and your spouse, please thoroughly inspect used furniture, especially if comes from an unknown source. Better yet, give us a call! While we’re On the subject, I have an idea!—A more thought-provoking end to the nursury rhyme. Are you ready? here it goes…
“Good Night, Sleep tight, Call Barrier Pest Control at 208-463-4533 or go online at if you’ve bought used furniture with bedbugs on it.”

I think it has a nice ring to it! Don’t you think?

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