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DIY Bug Magnet Craft

The only kind of bugs that we like in the home! This is a super easy craft to do yourself or with the kiddos. Just use whatever you have at home to make these buggies and go as crazy or as simple as you’d like!


  • Magnet(s)
  • Glass Gems (multiple sizes for different bugs)
  • Glue or Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush (to apply glue)
  • Colored Paper/Scrapbook Paper/Custom Design
  • Googly Eyes


Using whatever design/colored scrapbook paper, cut out a circle/shape to match the size of your magnet.
Step1 Bug Magnet Craft_opt


Once you have a couple papers cut out you are going to take your Mod Podge/Glue and glue the cutout facing up through the Glass gem so when you look at it you see the paper cutout/design underneath. (see below)
Step2 Bug Magnet Craft_opt
Step3 Bug Magnet Craft_opt
Step4 Bug Magnet Craft_opt


Once that has dried, then glue on your magnet to the bottom side of the Glass Gem.
Step5 Bug Magnet Craft_opt


For added cuteness, glue on Googly Eyes to the top of your magnet
Step6 Bug Magnet Craft_opt

Aaaaaannnndddd…you are done!

Step7 Bug Magnet Craft_opt

Place them on the fridge, a whiteboard or wherever they will stick! Thankfully you won’t need to order pest control to take care of these cuties, but if you are having issues don’t hesitate to reach out to Barrier Pest Control to come take care of the real bugs!

*For the extra crafty people/kiddos come up with your own design or create a new type of bug! Just don’t forget to make him some friends!

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