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Debunking Your Pest Myths


It may come as a surprise but Tithonus did not really shrivel up until he turned into the first cicada bug.  Thats a myth, a Greek one actually.  Okay, maybe it didnt really surprise you but maybe it will surprise you that daddy-long-legs mouths are not too small to bite and their venom is not lethal.  This one surprised me.  I played with those long-legged spiders as a little girl knowing that I was quite brave holding something so deadly.  

Here are some other myths Id like to bust for you:

Butterflies can still fly after the dust (scales) on their wings has been touched – as long as their wings arent damaged.  As butterflies get older you can see areas on their wings where the scales have been shed or knocked off.  

Speaking of butterflies, they live longer than one day.  Depending on the butterfly species they live anywhere from 2 days to a year!  

Mosquitoes can not transmit HIV.  The virus is actually destroyed in the mosquitos gut and cant be transferred to a person. 

Electronic pest control is not effective on mice at all.  I hope you didnt find this one out by purchasing a device and removing all your traps.  If so you might want to contact us!  

The spots on a lady bug tell us their species, not their age.  And they arent all ladies.  

If you are allergic to bees you are also allergic to wasps is not true.  They have different toxins.  If someone is allergic to both bees and wasps theyre allergic to the two different toxins.  

Whats NOT a myth is that Barrier Pest Control eliminates spiders, bugs, mice and more!  We would love to protect your home from creepy crawlies!  Give us a call at 208-463-4533!

Blog Courtesy of Trina at Barrier Pest Control

Photo Courtesy of Terry Hughes via Flickr CC 

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