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A Day in the Life of a Pest Control Secretary

I often get asked what I do for a living. Without hesitating, I quickly respond, “I work for Barrier Pest Control!” and they follow up with the usual, “What do you do there?” Oh man, have a seat…this might take a while!

To be a Barrier secretary, there are quite a few requirements! For starters, we have to be self-made entomologists!!  By the way, how many jars of unidentified insects can you fit on your desk before one falls over?  We often have people walk in off the street with their specimen (thankfully contained and in the form of an insect!) in baggies, tupperware containers or jars! If we’re lucky, we’ll get a warning before it’s placed in front of our eyeballs or placed next to our lunch sitting atop our desk. “What’s this?” they ask, which we promptly pick up and start analyzing. We know we’ve passed the test when we are able to identify the mysterious little bugger and send them on their way with helpful information on ridding their home of such intruders.  Having the stomach to still eat lunch is a challenge sometimes though.

We also have to be able to multi task with the best of them! Phone calls, payments, invoicing and scheduling!  Why, you could even say we can juggle!  I would love to say that we are perfect in every way, but I will let you all in on a little secret!….. I have made an occasional mistake! I know what you‘re thinking “No!!! Not you!” But alas, it is true!

One of our greatest requirement in my opinion however, is the ability to be a negotiations specialist! On the daily we receive calls that go a little something like this:
Customer: (screaming) There’s a spider in my bathtub!! Help!!!!
Barrier: No worries ma’am! We have your back! You’re protected with our Quarterly Pest Control program!
Customer: But my Quarterly service isn’t until next month and I can’t live in this house that long with this thing! You just don’t understand!!!
Barrier: No worries! Barrier’s Quarterly Pest Control is guaranteed with FREE re-treatments anytime you have issues on or inside your home between scheduled services! I’ll just take a look and get you right on our schedule!
Customer: Thank you Barrier Pest Control, what would I ever do without you?
Barrier: You’re welcome! It’s all in a day’s work!

This is what we do!
– Written by Marie at Barrier Pest Control

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