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Creepy Crawlers

The title speaks for itself. Have you or someone you’ve known experienced (what we know as creepy crawlers) a spider crawling in your mouth whilst dreaming of going to the Bahamas for vacation or even your honey moon? Well, I have. Yes, that is correct, this guy.

Several years ago, I never woke up more frightened in my life! It is true when scientists say we eat a certain amount of spiders per year! I personally never believed that fact until I experienced it for myself. Now I won’t go into detail but lets just say I used tons of mouthwash and toothpaste before I went back to bed. Truthfully, I don’t ever remember falling back asleep!

Despite my creepy stories (pun intended), Barrier Pest Control is here to save you from such tragic experiences. Treasure Valley is known for those darn Eratigena Agrestis AKA Hobo Spiders that reside near wooden pallets or vegetation against our precious homes. If you’re unfamiliar with their type of webbing, it is shaped like a funnel that’s primarily located on the ground, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be lurking elsewhere! Be sure to pick up miscellaneous belongings around the premise so they don’t get too comfortable around your environment. Because who knows, their next comfy place very well may be in your favorite Michael Kors purse you just purchased! I am not here to give you nightmares, but to reassure you that your favorite Pest Control team is here to make you feel at ease. We take pride in our job, and we want to give you the best experience possible. That specific experience is to not go through what I personally had to a while back! I hope you all have a wonderful sleep tonight. Never fear, Barrier is here!

Written by Devin at Barrier Pest Control

CC image courtesy of Andrey Zharkikh at Flickr

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