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Crawl Spaces: the Dark, the Damp and the Dreary

Today we’re going to talk about that disgusting place. You know, the one that’s dark, damp, and reeks of mildew and dirt…no, not your son’s high school locker! Your crawl space! Most homes in residential areas have one. The access may be inside the home, perhaps in a closet or bedroom. Others can access the opening outside. I unfortunately, have been in too many a crawl space in my time. Just know this: if you are the smallest one in the group, you automatically have drawn the golden ticket for going down into the forbidden place!

We get asked by customers all the time, “When should I fog my crawl space?” or “How often should I have the crawl space fogged?”. The answer is; it just depends! Fogging is a great way to help eliminate any small, unwanted pest that is inhabiting above the grounds surface, such as spiders, earwigs, ticks, and fleas (you know, the ones that hitch a ride on unsuspecting rodents). Keep in mind, it doesn’t get below the surface, so pests such as ants need a more specific treatment.

And what about those flea carrying mice, you ask? Well, bait stations strategically placed in the crawl space openings are a great way to help keep mice from getting further into the home and causing damage, (not to mention high-pitched screaming from the Mrs.) !!

There are a few steps you can take to help keep your crawl space pest free, and less creepy as well! First, apply a vapor barrier to the ground surface. This helps keep moisture away from foundation and wood. Pests love moisture! Lets face it, nobody wants to live in the Sahara desert, but throw a couple lakes and a camp chair and I’m there! Second, seal up any small entry holes around the foundation. Mice can squeeze into an opening the size of a nickel, so be diligent! Third, close your vents when the weather turns cold!! Spiders and other pests will take advantage of any opening in order to find refuge for the winter. Those warm heating ducts and moist ground turn your crawl space into a 5-Star hotel for creepy crawlies. And fourth, continue an active barrier around the home. If I’ve learned nothing else, pests are relentless! They will stop at nothing to come into your home and crawl space!! An active barrier applied regularly helps stop them dead in their tracks! Which makes me very, very happy!!

Written by Marie

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