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Cooler Than Average Spring Has Delayed Summer Pests


After a long Spring, we are finally beginning to head toward Summer. It’s fascinating to note the stark contrast between last year to this year. Last year, we had many warm, sunny days throughout April and May. This year, temperatures were much cooler, and the number of overcast and rainy days was significantly higher for both months. I’m no meteorologist, but I consider this a positive trend given the deep drought at the beginning of the year. Regardless, consider methods of better-using water, like watering lawns for longer and less often, keeping grass blade lengths longer, using products that help retain moisture, etc.

But this is a blog for a pest control company, so I should probably answer the obvious question, what does this mean for pest populations this summer? Here are some observations I have made over the past couple of months. First, the cool, wet weather has extended the season of Spring pests and delayed the beginning of the season for Summer pests. Some pests may be driven inside if the weather warms too quickly and the moisture does not persist. Therefore, you’re likely to see clover mites, earwigs, and large numbers of ants as the weather continues to warm. We are only now seeing an increase in summertime pests like paper wasps and spiders, and these will continue to grow in numbers and prevalence until the weather begins to cool again in the Fall.

Regardless of what pest levels you see now, prevention is always key in keeping those under control. People often ask, “When is the best time to start a pest control program?”. Our answer, as always, is NOW! Each situation is unique, but beginning a Quarterly Pest Control program will help you maintain these pest levels so that you are comfortable in your own home. Plus, if anything does come up in or on your home between services, we’ll come out for no additional cost as many times as it takes to get it under control. Let Barrier Pest Control help you have a great summer!

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