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Controlling Billbugs in the Spring in Boise, ID

billbug larvaAlthough Spring does not truly begin until the equinox on March 20 many people believe the unofficial start of Spring to be March 1. So, let me welcome you, unofficially of course, to the Spring of 2022.

Now that we’ve entered Spring, the list of projects are going to start piling up. For me, I have a yard seed, a patio to pour, side yards to gravel, and…treat for pests? While Spring is the time of year for pests to start emerging, for me, a participant in Barrier Pest Control’s Quarterly Pest Control plan, I don’t really have to worry about those routine pests that people start seeing as it gets warmer. Because of the consistent application of pest control products to my home, I see fewer pests in and on my home. And, if a problem should arise on or in my home between service, they come out for free to take care of that problem.

Now, if you’re not already a customer with Barrier Pest Control, Spring is the perfect time of year for you to start. Getting on a regular plan with a guarantee now will help prevent and/or solve larger problems later in the year.

One of the pests that are not covered under the regular Quarterly Pest Control plan but is common in the Spring is billbugs. Emerging during May, adult billbugs lay eggs on blades of grass. When the larvae hatch, they feed on the roots of the grass they were laid on. This leads to patches of brown in your lawn. Springtime is the time to put down billbug control to prevent these problems from happening come summertime. Although this is part of my plan, it is something that only happens in May and June, but helps keep my lawn green and healthy all summer long.

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