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My daughter has been in North Carolina for a couple weeks.  Shocked by all the bugs, she’s gone through an enormous amount of bug spray!  One day last week she looked down when she felt a tickle and found a huge cockroach that mistook her leg for an interstate creepy-crawly.  Eek!  After she picked herself up off the floor she mustered the courage to take the guy outside and send him off to a better place. (Do you think there’s a cockroach heaven?)  But not before she got a selfie with him.  We are a lot alike but not in this way!  At this point I’d have burned the house down…or called Barrier Pest Control.  The second option is a lot more cost effective!

Some people don’t realize that we get cockroaches in the Treasure Valley.  While they may not be as common as earwigs or elm seed bugs and not as big as the one my daughter grabbed by the antenna, they definitely have a presence.  Cockroaches are nocturnal and depending on the breed, hide in dark places you can’t see like outlet covers, the dark recesses of your husbands smelly old recliner, pipes, clocks and stereos, books and under sinks just to name a few.
You’ve heard the term “breed like rabbits”.  Well whoever coined that term didn’t know much about cockroaches.  Rabbits could never keep up with a cockroach!  They produce 600-800 per year.  According to the National Pest Management Association when you see one cockroach you can assume you have at least 800 more!

So what do you do if you do see a cockroach?

I’ve listed a few options with their Pro’s and Cons:

Option 1: Search Pinterest to see if you can find an essential oil that repels them.
Pro: While searching you may find a great copy-cat recipe for Mac-N-Cheese from Brick 29.
Con: If you choose this option you’ll soon be referring to numbers 2 and 3 and your problem will have worsened.

Option 2:  Burn down your house and all it’s contents.
Pro: Quickest solution.

Con: Not very cost efficient and besides losing a lot of memories you may go to jail.

Option 3:  Call Barrier Pest Control at 208-463-4533
Pro: No more cockroaches!  We get the job done

Con: You won’t be lighting fire to your hubby’s worn out recliner that smells like old cheese.


Blog Courtesy of Trina from Barrier Pest Control

Photo Courtesy of Weimar Meneses

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