I got a call from a customer the other day who and some lawn problems. I went and found some chinch bugs! Chinch bugs are a native species whose natural host are grains and turfgrass. Change bugs, and all lifecycles feed on the juices of the grass. Chinch Bug saliva inside the grass causes yellowing in withering, becoming evident visually. Change bugs overwinter in mulch layers in grasses, and begin each spring to populate. Populations can grow quickly in the summer, as 3 or more lifecycles can occur in a year, resulting in large populations. Large populations of change bugs can cause severe damage to your lawn! Take a look at a couple of larva that I saw:

Chinch bugs are easily controlled by use of a granular insecticide in problem areas. These insects are becoming more problematic, in the Boise area, but have no fear: Barrier Pest Control will take care of you!