We had some help this week for a fun little project! Mack is not only a sweet kid, but a great helper. We loved his big smiles that had enough cheese in them to feed these mice! He had fun making the ornaments and then he had fun eating the candy canes! Who knew pests could be yummy?
Let me tell you how to join in on this Christmas rodent goodness.

Materials Needed:

  • Various colors of felt
  • Candy canes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Sharpie Marker (optional)


Step 1:  Cut mouse body to leaf shape and desired size
Step 2:  Cut ears into a bone shape
Step 3:  Cut slits into the body.  Two horizontal slits at the fat end and two vertical slits
             on the pointed end (as shown).
Step 4:  Insert ears into the slits at the pointed end of body.
Step 5:  Insert the candy cane at the round end to make a tail.
Step 6:  Glue on googly eyes.
Step 7:  Glue on a nose cut from felt.  (We used construction paper because we didn’t
             have black felt.)
Step 8:  Hang (or eat) your ornament!
Just for fun:

Hickory dickory dee. The mouse ran up the tree. A woman screamed, “Barrier come help me!” Hickory hickory dee.