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Box Elder Bugs

Time for a lame pest control joke:  2 Box Elder Bugs are on a window, which on is an actor?  Give up?  Don’t care?  The one on the screen!  Yep, I was reaching on that one.

A late fall Box Elder Bug resurgence in the Boise area is common, though most activity occurs during late summer.  Adult box elder bugs are about 1/2-inch long, black with orange or red markings, shown below.

Box Elder Bug
Box Elder Bug


One of the sure signs you have a Box elder bug problem is you’ll typically see these bugs come in hoards. Thankfully, they don’t bite, and are pretty harmless when it comes to your property. However, in large numbers, they can leave marks on walls, curtains and other surfaces in your home due to their excrement.

Adult box elder bugs typically feed on low vegetation and seeds that are down around the ground during spring and early summer. You may be wondering how these little bugs get their name? It has to do with their mating cycle and behaviors. After they begin feeding, usually around the middle of July, box elder bugs migrate to female seed-bearing box elder trees – where they like to lay their eggs on the tree trunks, tree branches and leaves. They are rarely found on male box elder trees. Box elder bugs may also feed on maple or ash trees. There is no noticeable feeding injury to these trees. During years of high populations, you may find nymphs on the ground or in gardens feeding throughout the summer.

Here is a picture of Box Elder Bugs on the outside of a Boise home:

Box Elder Bug Infestation
Box Elder Bug Infestation


Control for Box Elder Bugs requires immediate action, patience and consistency.  Sealing your home as best as possible, together with regular pest control treatments are key to getting them under control. If you start noticing these signs, call Barrier Pest Control!

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