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Bed Bugs in Boise Area

Bed Bugs: The Pesky Intruders Making a Comeback!

Bed bugs have been a tiny terror for ages, hitching a ride on our clothing, lurking in our beds, and sipping a nighttime snack. Recently, they’ve been inching their way back into the headlines, especially in our beloved Treasure Valley. While they might sound like a bedtime story villain, they’re all too real. But fear not! Barrier Pest Control is here with a comprehensive plan to reclaim your space.

The Bed Bug Resurgence in Boise

If you haven’t seen bed bugs here in the Boise area, it’s only a matter of time. Since 2013, we’ve observed an exponential growth in bed bug calls, and this year seems no different.

Bed Bug Profile: Know Your Enemy


– Adult bed bugs measure approximately 1/5 inch long and 1/8 inch wide. Their reddish-brown tint makes them somewhat discernible if you look closely.

Dietary Preferences:

– Although they favor human blood, they’re not averse to feeding on poultry, rodents, or even your furry friends. But did you know? These flat, oval-shaped critters can survive without feasting on blood for up to a year!


– A single female can lay about two eggs daily, up to 200 in her lifetime. Under room temperature, these eggs can hatch between 6 to 17 days. That’s some rapid multiplication!


– These nocturnal nuisances have quite the knack for hide-and-seek. By day, they tuck away in mattress folds, spring coils, furniture upholstery, and even behind your favorite artwork. They’re primarily nocturnal, lured out by warmth. Their elusive nature often requires keen eyes to detect traces of their fecal matter or telltale bloody spots they might leave behind.

Here’s a snapshot of a bed bug from Boise taken this week:

Bed Bug in Boise

And don’t miss this image of typical bed bug evidence:

Bed Bugs on a mattress

Your Barrier Against Bed Bugs

While the idea of bed bugs may make your skin crawl, all hope is not lost. We are ready to help, with a professional and thorough approach.

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