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Ant Man and The Wasp and other Super Bugs in the Treasure Valley.

Warning: Spoilers abound in this blog. Ant Man and the Wasp is a story of two average people who are turned into a crime fighting duo. With their respective suits they are able to shrink (and expand) to the same size as the tiny insects they represent. It is the most popular movie out right now, which is pretty fitting because the scorching heat in the Boise area is sending all sorts of bugs into homes.
In real life, ants and wasps don’t combine to bring people unparalleled crime-fighting skills, they bring stings, ER visits and irritation. At Barrier however, we think that a few other bugs need some Hollywood love. We’ve got two ideas which we think are going to be HUGE!!!! But…before you judge us and our blockbuster movie-writing skills, you should at least hear us out.

1.  Earwig Man—Semi-Super Villain! This character sneaks into people’s homes at night and pinches them with his tiny pinchers. It’s getting too hot for him outside in the flower beds so he wiggles his way into your home where it’s cool and dry and climbs in your ear for fun. Not only does he have a mean spray on tan, but he also delivers the corniest one-liners.

2. The Hobo (Spider)— Villain. By day he lives on the corner, begging for food but at night he infests homes and garages with his signature funnel web and typical drunk and disorderly behavior. He may be aggressive and chase people every now and then but deep down he has a heart of gold.

Now, every villain story needs a super hero to save the day. You might have guessed the ending already. Homeowners, contact Barrier Pest Control for help! Our team of super heroes will swoop in and promptly remove the problem and lock the villain bugs away for good! To get a hold of these super heroes call 208-463-4533. Now you don’t need to see the movie! You’re welcome!

Photo courtesy of TT at Flickr.

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