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Many homeowners put a lot of thought into pest control and prevention for their homes, perhaps because individuals are scared of the creepy crawly things that make their way into our cozy abodes. But, how much thought goes into Billbug prevention?

What is a Billbug and what does it do? Should we be treating for it?

Well, billbugs are an interesting little insect. I often thought that they resembled a tiny little version of a rhinoceros crossed with a triceratops. Rather unique for sure in the looks department. Adult billbugs start to emerge our of their deep dark coverage when the days start to warm up in May. They search out the nicest and greenest of lawns to start their unruly family. Mature females will lay their eggs in the lawn (or turf) over the months of May and June.

Once they hatch, the larvae will begin feeding on the nutrients of the grass stem. And it’s no light grazing!! These veracious little white blobs can devour your grass stems in no time. Before you know it, your oasis of luscious lawn will be a destitute, depressing sea of yellow splotches. You’ll be receiving glares from your neighbors, notes to get out of town, who knows what awful consequences will follow. Nobody needs that stress in their life. There’s hope….call 208-463-4533 and a helpful Barrier representative will be happy to help you! For just pennies a day, you can help your lawn stay the healthy green turf that you always strived for.

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Don’t let Billbugs embarrass you and ruin your BBQ’S, birthday parties and family get together’s. Call Barrier today. Just two applications, applied 4-6 weeks apart can stop the destruction before it starts! Together, we can make a difference in the beauty of Treasure Valley’s lawns!

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