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Your Home To-Do List This Fall

Boise Idaho

It finally feels like fall is coming and, as it often does in Idaho, slipping into winter. Weather reports show freezing temperatures throughout the next few days, and I think I even heard the weather guy say it might snow this weekend! With the changing of the seasons comes a new lists of task to get our home ready for the winter; putting the lawn to bed, raking the leaves, and starting a pest control service. Wait…but it’s getting colder, why would I start a pest control service now, the bugs are all going away?

While we often correctly associate the changing of winter into spring with a new wave of pests invading our homes and lives, the changing of fall into winter leads to a similar influx of pests though not the same that happens in the spring. Instead of hibernating reproductive insects emerging and starting their yearly cycle again, homes are the target of pests looking for a warm place to stay while the weather is cold. So while we don’t see the abundance of pests running around outside as we do in the dead of summer, pests are still there, lurking in the shadows.

The most frequent pest that we deal with throughout the fall and winter is mice. Mice invade homes through small holes in crawl space vents or in gaps of weather stripping along garage doors or in any other space larger than a dime. They come looking for warmth and for food and don’t mind showing themselves around your home. So why is starting a pest control service on your Fall To-Do list? Because the Quarterly Pest Control program offered by Barrier Pest Control includes treatment for mice in your home and an inspection by our trained, licensed technicians to find potential entry points for mice into your home, not to mention coverage in or on your home for spiders, paper wasp nests, ants and other pests covered by the program. Interior treatment not quite enough to solve your problem? We also offer an Exterior Mouse Service that reduces the number of mice living around your home, thus limiting the amount that can come into your home. These are serviced and maintained during your quarterly visits throughout the year.

So as you are working through your home to-do list this fall, don’t forget to include starting a Quarterly Pest Control program with Barrier Pest Control! Give us a call or get a free estimate to see how we can help your pest issues.

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