Flies, flies and more flies! These annoying little creatures are attracted to a lot of various things such as garbage, manure and other kinds of feces. I was recently at a family BBQ just enjoying this Indian summer were having. As soon as we started bringing the burgers outside to put on the grill flies appeared! Flies love food too! The doors were open and before long there was a plethora of flies inside the house. Flies buzzing around your face and food are enough to drive you insane!

Fun facts about flies, they don’t have teeth instead they have a long tongue. (What?!) Yep, they use their tongue like straws to help aid the decomposition of dead animals and garbage. Disgusting! They also carry nasty diseases and contaminate foods! They lay eggs on decomposing animals, garbage and feces, which hatch into larvae called “maggots”. I don’t know about you but I don’t want them around my food!

If you are having problems with flies in your house, give us a call! We have a great fly treatment that will save your food and save your sanity!

Written by Austin of Barrier Pest Control
CC image courtesy of Alan Goudy at Flickr