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When Ants Invade!

One ant. One ant is all it takes to scream, “Eureka!” and advise the rest of the colony of available food. Before you know it you’re looking at piles of ants in your house, hustling and bustling, attacking any crumb you’ve left behind.

Perhaps the most common ant species you will find in Idaho are pesky odorous House Ants. These are named for the foul rotten coconut odor they produce when crushed. Another type of ant commonly seen in the home is a Carpenter Ant. These can cause serious damage to the structure of your home by hollowing out spaces in wood, similar to termites.

Carpenter Ants enter your home through wet and damaged wood, though once inside they begin penetrating dry, healthy wood. All of this work is because the colony is in search for any food it can find. Carpenter ant colonies carry upwards of 3,000 workers. Typically, these colonies originate from a ‘parent colony’ that is almost always located within 100 yards of the house. It is important to destroy both the satellite and parent colonies, or else a new colony will appear in as little as two days.

Pavement Ants are another problem for Idaho homes, named for the nests they create inside pavement cracks. These type of ants have a diverse diet, eating anything from meats and cheese to grease. Though they are not harmful themselves they can leave behind nasty waste that can contaminate food in your home. This is why it’s important to tackle the issue before it gets out of hand.

The only way to tackle an ant invasion is to destroy the colony by reaching the queen. This is not as simple as some may think. A Barrier Pest Control specialist knows that one ant is just a sign of a larger, more intricate family of ants. Remember, these species are but 3 of many found in the Gem State. If you’re ever experiencing any issues with any ants, ever, give us a call at 208-960-6232 or contact us online. Barrier will be more than happy to provide excellent, comprehensive pest management.

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