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With Star Riverside Park, Sol Invictus Vineyard, River Birch Golf Course, and more, Star, Idaho, has a vast and diverse ecosystem. This ecosystem draws nature lovers to the area to live and work, and there is much for them to enjoy. While that ecosystem is home to beautiful and unique wildlife, there are many pests here that residents would like to keep at arm’s length.

Star is home to many types of pests that can be anything from annoying to quite dangerous, both for a person’s health and home. If you have seen pests in your home, your first inclination is likely to try and get rid of them as soon as possible, by any means. The only real way to eliminate these creatures is to speak to a professional Star pest control company. Below, our pest experts outline the most common pests we can help you with when you see them around your home.



Just because a pest is considered typical does not mean they do not pose a risk. In Star, some pests are more common than others. If you are dealing with any of the below pests, it is essential to speak to a professional to get rid of them so your home can become the safe place it should be.

  1. Ants: Star is home to various ant species, some of which can be destructive to our homes or carry dangerous pathogens. The majority of species that dwell near homes in Star are harmless. However, they can be annoying to deal with. Unbeknown to most, ant colonies generally have multiple areas they occupy, making it hard to remove them in their entirety.
  2. Termites: Termites cause approximately $5 billion worth of damage yearly to homes throughout the country, and many of them live here in Star. Contrary to what many people think, termites do not eat wood, but instead, they chew through it, searching for the cellulose inside, which they do eat. Still, termites are highly destructive. They will chew through the wood in your home and cardboard, firewood, and anything they can find that may contain glucose.
  3. Stinging insects: Stinging insects such as wasps and hornets will deliver an excruciating sting and may even make a person feel nauseous, tired, and generally unwell afterward. Star is home to various stinging insects, primarily bees, wasps, and hornets. The nests of stinging insects should never be removed on your own. A professional pest control company will know how to remove the nest and the stinging insects that once lived inside.
  4. Fleas: If you have noticed itchy bumps on your arms, legs, and other body areas, you may first wonder where they are coming from. If you have a pet and have noticed that they have been scratching a lot more lately, there is a good chance you have fleas. The climate in Star, ID, can be ideal for fleas at certain times of the year, so getting rid of them can be extremely tedious. The first step in flea control is to take your pet to the vet for treatment. Your next step should be to contact a professional pest control company that can apply the necessary treatment to get the fleas out so you and your pet can be happy and healthy again.
  5. Cockroaches: Cockroaches are one type of pest homeowners fear most. They are filthy, carry many diseases, and often indicate unsanitary conditions. They are hard to eradicate once they have entered a home. This is because these pests are incredibly hardy. The most common species in Star are the German and Brown-banded cockroaches. If you need help getting rid of cockroaches, call a pest control company in Star before they spread.
  6. Spiders: Most spider species in Star are not harmful but are home to a few poisonous species. The most common of them is the black widow. Black widows are relatively easy to identify due to the red hourglass shape on their backs. They are more moderate and can be found in dimly lit areas, basements, and corners. Other venomous species, such as the Hobo Spiders and Yellow Sac spiders, can also be found in the area but generally are considered outdoor species.
  7. Bed bugs: Despite the fun saying that you should not “let the bedbugs bite,” it becomes incredibly problematic when they do. Bed bugs can come from anywhere, as they are notoriously known as hitchhikers. You may bring them home after traveling and staying in a hotel, or secondhand furniture or clothing you purchased may carry them. Either way, just as it is widely known how bed bugs can travel from place to place, it is just as well-known how difficult they are to get rid of. If you have a bed bug infestation, it is advisable to contact a pest control company in Star.

Rodents In Star

Rodent Control
There are many different species of rodents worldwide, but mice and rats cause the most trouble for homeowners. Both rodents carry various diseases and can cause significant property damage. When building their nests, they will pull up siding, gnaw through wires, and even pull apart insulation and other parts of a home.

We typically see the ordinary house mice and rats cause issues for property owners in Star. Several other rodents dwell in the area but generally are harmless to people or homes.

If you have seen one mouse or rat around your home, you probably already have an infestation. A Star pest control professional can identify how the rodents are making their way into your home and eliminate the ones that already made their way inside.

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