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Rodent Control – By Kirk Dean

Early this morning I got a phone call from a customer about a certain unwelcome visitor that was found in the bathtub overnight.  What kind of visitor, you ask?  A kind of visitor that you don’t ever want to find in your bathtub in the morning….and no it’s not your uncle Ed.…it was a furry little house mouse.

That call reminded me that fall is just around the corner.  Every year about this time of year calls for rodent control (especially mice) skyrocket.  The reason?  There are a few, but here are the main ones:

  • Wheat fields and other crops are being cut and harvested in the Nampa/Boise area, resulting in a loss of habitat & food.  Displaced mice then try to find other sources for food, water, and nesting areas.
  • As nighttime temperatures drop going into the fall, mice simply want to find a place that is warm!

So, here are a few things you can do to reduce the possibility of a mouse showing up in your bathtub (no advise here on keeping uncle Ed out):

  • Keep all vegetation well-trimmed and at least 1 foot away from the home.  Lawns should be cut to a proper height, and cut regularly.  Rodents are prey animals:  They are afraid of crossing open spaces, and will avoid locations where open spaces abound.
  • Avoid leaving food particles on the floor.  Dog food, bird seed, etc. are common things left around that mice just love.
  • Seal cracks in foundation, install screens on doors and windows, assure doors & windows are properly sealed, etc.
  • Clear out debris from around the home:  Woodpiles, construction materials, should be as far from the home as possible.

If rodents do come inside, let us know.  Our pest control guys are just chomping at the bit to take care of them for you!

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