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The Cat-and-Mouse Game:

Feline Fables vs. Real Rodent Reality


Nature’s age-old rodent catchers, right? Many homeowners proudly tout that their feline friends handle all their pest control needs, especially when chasing down those pesky spiders. But is this fur-tastic tale truly accurate, or just a whisker away from the truth?

  • Fact Check 1: Cats can hunt spiders. But not every cat will, and certainly not with the consistency and effectiveness you need for true peace of mind.
  • Fact Check 2: Rodents are sneaky creatures. Even the most astute and agile cat may miss a few that scuttle behind walls or into dark crevices.
  • Fact Check 3: Let’s not forget, that while cats may deter rodents, they certainly won’t keep away other pests like ants, beetles, and more.

A Weekend Watch in Boise

During a recent weekend visit to my parents’ house near Boise, an unexpected spectacle unfolded right before my eyes. On the front porch, there was a real-time episode of Tom and Jerry.

While this made for intriguing entertainment, it served as a stark reminder: As temperatures drop, mice and other critters are on the move, looking for cozy homes like yours!

Why Settle for Less?

While your cat might be an excellent companion and occasionally bring you a gift from their hunt, relying solely on them for pest control is a gamble. Secure peace of mind with Barrier Pest Control. Because while cats are great, professional service is even better.

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