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More Than Killing Bugs

As a pest control technician, I have come to appreciate my job in more than one way. Working with clients to solve problems and discover solutions to fit each individual’s home, makes working with the Barrier family a fulfilling experience. When you have been struggling with keeping ants out of your food and dishes, when you can’t safely let your kids play outside because of spiders, or when you have no idea how something keeps getting into your home, I get to come in and feel like the hero. I don’t just spray these things away. I give you reasons why it could be happening, how other people have solved this issue, and when it is time to call us back to assist again. Working with the Barrier family allows me to create a relationship of trust within the community. From business owners to renters, everyone gets treated the same. Everyone gets the same attention and when I show up at your door, you should always feel comfortable enough to tell me anything pest control related that you need done or are worried about that day.

Every time we step foot on your property, we seek to be professional, helpful, attentive and hard working. These are the things I would expect from any pest control company. However with Barrier, it is law that we all live and breathe by. No need to ever be worried that we don’t care about your time or your home. We do this job, because we like helping people and have a weird passion for pest control. Like I say at every service, please feel free to call if you need us!

Blog contributed by Chelsea of Barrier Pest Control

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