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Meridian, Idaho, is not only one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, but it is also among the fastest-growing cities in the entire country. There is much to see and do for the more than 100,000 people living in this bustling city and the visitors that come every year.

However, although there are many people in Meridian, there are also many pests and a need for professional pest control services. Although some may find these pests annoying, they can also carry diseases and become a real problem for people and their homes. When these pests become uncontrollable, it is essential to contact a Meridian pest control company that can help.

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ant pest controlANTS

Ants are pervasive insects that will enter homes in search of food and moisture. Although ants are known for being most attracted to sugary substances, they will eat almost anything. The most common types of ants in Meridian include pavement ants, harvester ants, and carpenter ants. While many homeowners use DIY solutions, such as ant traps, to eliminate these pests, more than these measures are needed.

As ants search for food, they leave behind a trail that leads other worker ants to the food source. Unless a person knows exactly where this trail is and how the ants enter the home, more than traps are needed. A professional pest control service can effectively remove the ants from the house safely and effectively.


Because earwigs have pincers protruding from their abdomen that look menacing, many people fear them. However, these pests are not harmful to humans and will not pinch anything but prey. Still, earwigs are unsightly, and many people find them some of the most annoying pests. They are attracted to damp and dark areas, quickly invading an unkempt yard or a cluttered home. Cleaning up these areas and removing the hiding places that earwigs make their home is a good step in preventing and eliminating these pests. For serious infestations, a pest control professional is typically necessary.

elm seed bug pest controlELM SEED/BOX ELDER BUGS

Box elder bugs get their name because they suck juices from the box elder tree, although they will also move to other vegetation, such as maple trees. These pests pose little threat to humans but can cause irritation when piercing mouthparts puncture the skin. They can also leave fecal marks on curtains and other items within a household, making them a real household pest. The Box elder bugs are common in Meridian, and an infestation may develop around certain homes. A female box elder bug will also fly, primarily so it can fly up the tree to lay its eggs, but this also makes it more challenging to get rid of on your own.

hobo spiders pest controlSPIDERS

Spiders are usually only harmful to humans when they feel threatened. Still, Meridian is home to some spiders that can be incredibly dangerous to people. Black widow spiders typically pose the most risk. Although these spiders are rarely fatal to humans, their bite is venomous and can cause severe problems, including muscle cramps and spasms, chills, fever, nausea, and vomiting, to name just a few.

Hobo spiders are also prevalent in Meridian. Hobo spiders are also poisonous, but their venom is not strong enough to cause life-threatening complications for humans. Still, these spider bites can cause pain, redness, and even leg twitching that lasts up to 12 hours. Although not life-threatening, no one should try to remove either of these types of spiders on their own because their bites can cause severe symptoms.


Certain stinging insects, such as wasps and hornets, are incredibly annoying as they can create a nest close to home and quickly take over one’s backyard. These insects are not only irritating, but they can sting over and over again and cause a person serious injuries. Worse, when someone has an allergy, these insects can also endanger a person’s life. Other stinging insects, including honeybees and bumble bees, benefit backyards and the entire planet. Allergies are still a problem for many people regarding these insects, and when they take over a yard, they must also be removed.

No one should try to remove a wasp or hornet’s nest alone. These insects become incredibly aggressive when their home is disturbed, and people place themselves in great danger when trying to eliminate the problem alone.


Flying insects include mosquitoes, house flies, and crane flies, to name a few. While some flying insects do not harm humans, mosquitoes and house flies pose the most risk. Mosquitoes transmit certain diseases, such as the Zika virus and malaria, while the seemingly harmless house fly can also transmit infections, such as diarrhea, typhoid, and cholera. Even when these diseases are not dangerous, mosquitoes and houseflies are real nuisances.

Mosquito control typically requires the help of a pest control specialist to spray a pesticide around the yard’s perimeter, particularly in the shrubbery, where mosquitoes usually like to hide. Insecticides are also used for house flies, although a professional may also use fly bait and traps to remove the adults. In both cases, a pest control specialist will also identify breeding spots that must be removed so the problem does not return.

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