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Getting Rid of Carpet Beetles

Unmasking the Microscopic Mysteries

Just the other week, I dove headfirst into the world of the microscopic. With my newly acquired microscope in tow, the feeling was euphoric. It was akin to that spark you feel when you’re just on the cusp of a groundbreaking revelation! Imagining the many breakthroughs this tool could lead to, my mind raced. From world-changing discoveries to my current obsession: the Varied Carpet Beetle.

The Magnified World of Carpet Beetles

Thanks to my trusty microscope, I managed to snag an ultra-magnified snapshot of a typical adult Carpet Beetle. To the naked eye, these creatures resemble tiny pencil tips. But with a little boost from science, they appear as gargantuan beasts!

Meet the Varied Carpet Beetle

Frequently spotted in our beloved Boise area, the Varied Carpet Beetle holds the title as one of the most prevalent carpet beetles in the USA.

Dietary Habits:

– They’re keen on non-synthetic fabrics.

– Have a knack for animal hides, antlers, and feathers.

– Dead insects? On their menu, too!

In our experience, these critters often delight in munching on pet hair. Specifically, in those sneaky spots where sweeping or vacuuming turns into an Olympic sport—think along the lines of baseboards. Thus, it’s no surprise when they’re seen making a vertical marathon on our walls. That’s precisely where I caught this one!

And let’s not forget their closet escapades! They fancy feasting on wool, silk, or cotton attire. So, if you’ve ever discovered tiny unexplained holes in your clothes, chances are, these hungry beetles might be the culprits. If you’ve got some animal taxidermy decor, keep an eye out—they’ve been known to consider those as gourmet dishes!

Your Carpet Beetle Solution: Barrier to the Rescue!

Now, here’s the silver lining. Controlling these mini-beasties is a walk in the park. But first, here’s a little checklist for you:

Pet Hair Cleanup: Be vigilant! Ensure those hard-to-reach spots are free from pet hair.

Inspect Your Wardrobe: Found infested clothing? It might be time to say goodbye.

Taxidermy Check: That elk mount? It might just be their next feast.

Done all that? Fantastic! Now, for the pièce de résistance. A simple call to us @ (208)463-4533.

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