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Do You Have Cockroaches in Your Home?


If you’ve traveled recently by plane, train or automobile, chances are you probably stayed overnight at either someones home or a hotel. Either way, you may very well have been exposed to cockroaches! We’ve had several calls recently from homeowners needing help identifying these creepy intruders.

How They Get Into Your Home

Cockroaches make their way into your home in a variety of ways. Used appliances, food shipments, and moving boxes are just a few of the preferred methods of hitch hiking. Once in your home, they are nearly impossible to get rid of. They prefer dark, warm places, and are highly active at night. They consume just about anything they can get their dirty little bodies into including garbage, dead skin cells, crumbs and particles of food your children dropped on the floor. Kitchens are the most common place we see cockroach issues, but bathrooms, laundry rooms and dining rooms are not off limits. And don’t think being Mr. Clean can make your home exempt from an infestation occurring. We’ve seen both cluttered homes as well as tidy homes effected.

Cockroaches & Your Health

Studies have shown that having cockroaches in your home can effect your health, especially if issues go unresolved. While everyone reacts differently, it is proven that cockroaches carry some pretty serious diseases. Salmonella type (which causes typhoid), Poliomyelitis (which causes polio) as well as dysentery are a few. Ever get food poisoning and think maybe it was from rancid food? It may have been from bacteria from their saliva or droppings that has contaminated the food. Allergic reactions and asthma have been documented as well, especially in children who may be more susceptible.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

So what’s the first step in banishing cockroaches from your home? Eliminating all contaminated food, removing any appliances that may have become a nesting ground, and cleaning all cupboards, drawers, and pantry areas are crucial. Once that’s done, a qualified, trained technician can then come in and apply treatment through out the home focusing on problematic areas. Cockroaches are not known for being easy to get rid of and are becoming more common in the Boise and surrounding areas, so hiring an experienced company like Barrier Pest Control will assure that you and your home are well taken care of.

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