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Dead mice makes me feel good!

Dead Mice and a Heartwarming Discovery

Some people enjoy a good cup of coffee. Others, the feel of a brand new book. But for us at Barrier Pest Control? Spotting a dead mouse right next to our bait stations. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Why a Dead Mouse Brings Joy to Our Heart

Proof of Performance:

Finding a non-moving ex-mouse beside our bait station isn’t about rejoicing in its demise. No, no! It’s a reaffirmation that our solutions are effective. When we see that, we know our bait stations aren’t just standing guard but on active duty.

Prevention is Better than Cure:

Seeing the results outdoors means your indoors remain pristine and untouched. Our bait stations ensure that the rodents are dealt with outside so they never get to venture into your home.

Assurance of Quality:

This is the kind of quality assurance we can stand behind. We don’t just tell you we’re good; we show you.

Why Exterior Bait Stations are a Must-Have for Every Home

When you think of fall and winter, you might dream of cozy blankets and warm cocoa. But rodents? They’re thinking of your warm home. As temperatures drop, mice seek refuge, often in our homes. But with the strategic placement of our exterior bait stations, these pesky creatures are stopped right in their tracks.

So, if you want to know more about how our bait stations ensure a mouse-free zone around your home, give us a ring. Remember, our bait stations don’t take prisoners.


Nothing quite like the peace of mind of knowing your home is protected from pesky invaders. At Barrier Pest Control, we take pride in ensuring your home remains yours. Trust us for consistent, effective, and respectful pest control solutions.



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