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Bug Refrigerator Magnet Craft

I know you’re dying to make these adorable bugs!

I mean who wouldn’t want these holding up their kids artwork or displaying that spelling test with a big 100% at the top?!  The great thing is, they’re so easy to make!  So let’s get started!  First let me tell you the supplies you’ll need:

Assorted buttons


Hot glue/gun

Googly eyes

Wire or pipe cleaners for the legs

Needle nose pliers

That’s it!  You probably have everything on hand already!

1.  Glue the back of a small button (the head) to the top of a larger button (the body).  Don’t be afraid to use some funky buttons!  These don’t have to look realistic.

2.  Cut 6-8 pieces of wire or pipe cleaners in to equal lengths.  The length just depends on the size legs you want.  You could do long legged bugs or cute little short stubby legs.  Or some of each!

3.  Glue legs to the back of the bug.  Have fun with their placement.  Here are some ideas.  You could spread them evenly around the bug or just put 1/2 on each side.  Or you could do half in the front and half in the back.  You decide!  Be creative!

4.  Turn the bug right side up and attach the googly eyes to the small button.

5.  Turn back over and glue on the magnet.  Now, here’s an idea!  Instead of a magnet you could attach a hair clip and you have a cute little bug clip for your daughter’s hair!  (If that doesn’t creep her out!)

6.  This is my favorite part!  Shape the legs and feet!  I used the needle nose pliers and made little feet by twisting pipe cleaners around them.  You can bend them so they have knees and feet, or just knees.  You can also just crinkle them accordion style.  Have fun!

See how easy they are to make?!  The best part about these bugs is I don’t mind If they’re in my house!  Check out the whole thing put together on a video:

Now we want to see YOUR creativity!  Show us your finished bug magnet creations by sharing a picture in the comments!

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