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Who is Barrier Pest Control?

We are Boise Pest Control!  Barrier Pest Control is a locally owned family business that specializes in serving residential and commercial customers.  We can help you with spiders, ants, earwigs, mice, gophers, voles, fleas, box elder bugs, elm seed bugs, bed bugs, spring tails, millipedes, clover mites, carpet beetles, roaches, flies, hornets, wasps, bee removal, & more; we take care of it all!

Quality Boise Pest Control Services

We offer comprehensive programs that aim to control & prevent pest infestations.  For residential customers, our Quarterly Pest Control program is the best way keep your home free of spiders and insects, guaranteed!  If a problem arises on or inside your home between quarterly visits, give us a call, and free of charge we’ll get back out there with a smile on our face to get you pest-free in no time.

Commercial locations are also our specialty.  From flies in your restaurant, to rodents in a food storage facility, we’ve got you covered.  Request a free pest control estimate and we’ll get you a customized plan to get you taken care of so you can get back to what you do best in your business.

Our Past

Barrier Pest Control began in 2006 in the Boise/Nampa area.  Owners & brothers Mike and Kirk Dean started with an idea:  To build a company based on producing the best possible customer experience.  Since 2006, we have done everything possible to make that dream come true.  Read on to learn just how Barrier Pest Control Boise began.

The Future

We imagine Barrier’s future to be much like its past:  A firm commitment to providing the customer a tremendous experience….for years to come.  Unlike some companies that build up quickly, and then sell out—leaving their customers holding the bag, the owners of Barrier grew up here, this is home, and we’re not leaving anytime soon!  In addition, we are constantly looking to improve—ways to improve the safety and effectiveness of our treatments and products, better communication, and just generally trying to make the experience as a Barrier customer heads and shoulders above the competition!

Our Guarantee

If you experience a problem on or inside your home or structure in between regular service, simply give us a call!  Free of charge we’ll get out and get you pest-free….as many times as it takes!

Our Commitment

The commitment to our customers is to provide high standards of service and treatment. These are not bland platitudes, but specific standards that help our customers experience superior results, and to appreciate the way they are treated.

Here’s what you can expect:

We answer the phone when you call.  It’s that simple. If you call during business hours, we promise to answer the phone. We believe that our customers don’t like getting the run-around.  That’s why we hold high our commitment to answering the phone; when you need us we’ll be there.

We return every message we receive.  If you call after hours or on the weekends and leave a message, we return your message every single time the morning of the next business day.  It won’t take three messages over three weeks for someone to get back with you.

We will be nice to you!  We strive to be kind to everyone—because that’s exactly what you deserve and because it is the right thing to do!  We’ll show up with a smile and an eagerness to get to work for you!

There are no surprise visits.  With Barrier, you won’t just get a surprise bill in your door. We always call at least one day in advance to schedule. Neither do we secretly add on services that you didn’t order, or change the prices without your consent. With us, what you see is what you get. We only provide those services discussed and nothing more, and let you know when we’ll do it!

We show up on time.  You won’t have to wonder whether we’ll be there or not.  We show up when we say we do….count on that!

We’re clean & tidy.  Your technician will be clean and presentable; we’ll respect your home and property, wear shoe covers inside, and tidy up when finished.

We’re licensed, insured, and dedicated to doing things safely by the book.  All our technicians are properly licensed with the state of Idaho.  That means that our technicians have studied, taken, and passed the Idaho State exams to be a certified pest control operator.  The products and services we provide are safe for you, your family, pets, and your property.   We only use EPA registered products that have been rigorously tested for safety, and we only make legal, ethical pest control applications with those products.

Give us a shot!

Because of who we are, our history, our commitment to the future, our guarantee, and the specific standards that we hold ourselves to, we are confident that you will want to do business with us.  Give us a call at 208-463-4533 to request a quote!

Service Areas (Southwest Idaho)

Our Boise pest control services are also available in Garden City, Eagle, Emmett, Meridian, Kuna, Nampa, Melba, Middleton, Star, Marsing, Homedale, & Caldwell.

Our Customers Love Us!

See what they are saying.

  • We loved the services Barrier Lawn and Pest Control offered! They are great to work with. We will definitely use them again when needed! I would highly recommend them to any of my friends.Danielle L.
  • Your representative was very courteous and did a great job. I have noticed some spider activity since he sprayed. That may only be because it woke them up.
    Steve B.
    Nampa, ID
  • This company is awesome. I have never written an online review in my life, but the service and results we've received from Barrier Lawn & Pest is so impressive that I was compelled to do so. We had a horrible spider, earwig and ant problem at our new house and the results of this service are that they were instantly gone. No more spiders, no more earwigs, no more ants and the best unintended consequence - no more cleaning spider webs from around the outside of the house! The guy who took our calls was amazing - no pressure, just extremely knowledgable and accomodating. I did not intend this as a long-term service, in fact I didn't even think it was warranted but my husband set it up without my knowledge. However, between the results in our home (no more looking in my shoes before I slip them on!) and the customer service and appreciation for our business we continue to receive, we're now long-term customers.Billie J.
  • The company is reliable and is complete in their services to our yard and home.Douglas S.
    Nampa, ID
  • We have been customers of Barrier for several years now and have been very, very happy with their work and their customer service. They show up when they say they will and are always pleasant to deal with. There was one particular time that I still had some wasps a week after they came out, so I called and let them know. Someone was at my door the next day to take care of the problem. They couldn't find any wasp nests on my house, so they went to the house next door which was vacant at the time and took care of the wasps there so that they wouldn't bother my kids when they were playing outside. Amazing customer service! I have recommended them to several friends who are also pleased with their service.Audrey M.
  • I live in Nampa and have been with Barrier just about the time they started business in the Treasure Valley. I am very pleased with the service I have received from them and have recommended them to some of my neighbors. When I have had problems with ants or had requested a visit because of other pest control problems they took care of it. And when the ants needed another visit Barrier took care of the problem, no extra charge.Ivan M.
  • I hired Barrier Lawn and Pest a few years ago for pest control services. My experience has been nothing short of outstanding. The technicians show up on time, present themselves well, and do the job the right way the first time. I would recommend Barrier to anyone!Jeff R.
  • We have been customers of Barrier for the last couple of years and will not be leaving anytime soon! They have always gone above and beyond to meet our needs. They work with your schedule and are very accommodating. They provide great services at very reasonable prices. We are loyal Barrier customers and will continue to recommend them to everyone!Jessica H.
  • They are the best!!!!!! I will never use another service ever again they are hands down the best pest control company in the treasure valley. They keep their word call back asap and their products work!!! I am so impressed with the job they did and their employees are so wonderful and polite who are also very good at their jobs. Grateful and satisfied!!!!! No more bugs equals a happy home! Thank youTawnny A.
  • Barrier was onetime, very informational and knowledgeable. Excellent followup as well.Denice W.
    Nampa, ID
  • I work in the Home Health Industry. Doing so there was a couple who had limited finance's and had carpenter ants in their house. I talked to a friend who called to find out if the ant traps you get in the hardware store would work. In talking with **** at Barrier he said he would go out free of charge and take care of the problem. When he arrived not only did he put the traps out he also sprayed around the whole house upon the gentleman request. **** and Barrier went above and beyond. Please if you need pest or lawn service use Barrier as they give back to the community. Thanks again to Barrier and a huge thanks to ****.Dee P.
  • Barrier Pest is great and I plan to stay with their service for a long time. The technicians are professional and friendly and are great at getting the job done.Clint L.
  • Well at first I thought we were going to have to call you back there were so many still around. However the spray and the bomb in the crawl space was beginning to take affect and we still see a few here and there but not like before the application. will see how it is as the weather becomes warmer. Thank you very much.Wayne B.
    Nampa, ID
  • A representative from Barrier came to our door to sell their service. I do not usually select businesses this way, but the young man who met me at my door was very professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, not pushy for the sale. He informed me of his services, as well as the special for new clients. He also showed me that Barrier was an accredited BBB business. I did some more research after he left and we chose to proceed with them. They came, cleaned off the whole outside of the house including all bee's nests and spider webs. In the first treatment period we found a couple spiders on different occasions. We called Barrier and they came and retreated for free, three more times in that first period, just because we saw 1 spider. After our second quarterly treatment we never had another bug. It was wonderful! When my husband and I moved we had Barrier begin treating our new home and have yet to see a bug. It is a wonderful way to live and an excellent business to support.Rachel C.
  • I hardly ever do this but I was so thoroughly impressed with the level of service I received. For the first time I ended up with a Mouse problem in my garage. I called **** at Barrier. The next morning at the scheduled time in fact a few minutes early They arrived very clean cut and professional. They asked lots of questions then did a great job of explaining what they were going to do to eliminate the problem. They totally went above what they should have and totally eliminated my problem I have no doubt that the mice are gone. Very thorough and very professional I would have no problem recommending them to anyone
  • I've been using Barrier Lawn and Pest for almost 4 years now and don't have a single negative word to say about this company. Just like they promise, they answer the phones, return messages, and are always prompt. Everyone I've dealt with has been polite, cheerful, and considerate. At our last service, Ronald took the time to explain to me and my children the difference between yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets. He even showed us the difference so we could fully understand! Barrier Lawn & Pest has earned my complete loyalty and I highly recommend them!!!Brandy
  • We had a very positive experience with Barrier Lawn and Pest control. They were very professional, prompt, and had wonderful customer service. We will always use them in the future.Amanda M.
  • I recently decided to use Barrier Lawn and Pest services as I became acquainted with their services through my place of work. The initial contact with Mike Dean was personable and informative. Scheduling of the service was also very accommodating as I was not given a 2-4 hour window as I had experienced with other companies. The technician arrived on time and reviewed the service with my wife before beginning. Upon completion, my wife was given the company's contact information in case we had any future questions. This experience was very pleasant and we would recommend Barrier's services to any friend or neighbor.Bryce
  • I have used Barrier Lawn and Pest Control services for two years and will continue to use them. They always arrive on time, and have great customer service. I have always been satisfied with their work.Sean M.
  • I had a Major gopher problem in the narrow garden strip in front of my Nampa business. Not just any gopher problem; these gophers were criminally insane, mutants on steroids! Ive never seen such a small area so completely torn up! Barrier to the rescue. They arrived on time, the price was inexpensive, especially compared to the damage! One application of whatever magic stuff they have did the trick. THEY'RE DEAD! (You cant see it but I'm smiling about that!) Need to WHACK-A-MOLE? Barrier is your guy!Peter C.
  • My wife and I have used Barrier's services for years, and we've always been greatly pleased with their work. Not only do they do an outstanding job with pest control and the routine maintenance of our lawn--and at a reasonable cost, I might add--but they are also willing and able to take care of our other little landscaping and sprinkler-system needs. And on the very rare occasions when things don't quite go according to plan, they accept full responsibility and quickly rectify any problems. How many companies can you say that about these days?Michael & Wendy
  • Quick service, professional staff, helpful in answering questions. Excited about utilizing their year coverage on my home.Losa S.
    Nampa, ID
  • Barrier Lawn and Pest is very professional, always on time, thorough, and always there to answer a phone call. I highly recommend them. Thank you very much!Kim