This company is awesome. I have never written an online review in my life, but the service and results we’ve received from Barrier Lawn & Pest is so impressive that I was compelled to do so. We had a horrible spider, earwig and ant problem at our new house and the results of this service are that they were instantly gone. No more spiders, no more earwigs, no more ants and the best unintended consequence – no more cleaning spider webs from around the outside of the house! The guy who took our calls was amazing – no pressure, just extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. I did not intend this as a long-term service, in fact I didn’t even think it was warranted but my husband set it up without my knowledge. However, between the results in our home (no more looking in my shoes before I slip them on!) and the customer service and appreciation for our business we continue to receive, we’re now long-term customers.